About Us

Welcome to The Cashcow Zone! I created this website to share with you how a lot people make a bunch of money with cashcow businesses. A Cashcow, is “a venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it.” Says Wikipedia. Note that there is an outlay of cash necessary, most often you don’t start a real business without putting some money into it. The definition also doesn’t say that building a cashcow business is easy and fast. It’s a hell lot of work but damn it’s worth it; especially if you can automate and outsource the business later on.

I will share guides, tutorials and also free courses sent by email to give you the practical steps needed to build different types of cashcow businesses, so make sure to bookmark this page! The kind of cashcow I’m focusing on right now is blogging (learn more about it here), which can become an endless source of business when you develop an audience. I’m also gonna talk about other opportunities as I try them out. In the future I want to build a Marketing Agency, do affiliate marketing, and build viral cashcow youtube channels.

I’ll only share opportunities that match the Cashcow definition. Freelancing won’t be one of those for example, because the profits are only steady as long as you work, and it’s not a business venture.

That’s it for the about us page for now.