Daily Learning Journal: Ultraworking, Work Cycles and Monthly Debrief+Planning

This is the first edition of my daily learning journal. I’m not guaranteeing I’ll post everyday, but I’ll post often. I’m participating in the Axe Challenge at Escano Brothers, the agency I work for, and one of the rules is that I have to learn, apply and share one thing related to my work, every day.

Monthly Debrief+Planning

Today I spent about 1h30 on a Monthly Debrief + Planning workshop over zoom, with the Ultraworking team (ultraworking.com).

Then I spent more time implementing everything that came out of the worksheet.

That workshop helped me debrief the month of June, figure out all the little things I wanted to improve on/change/add for the next month, prioritize them and operationalize them (implementing in many different ways), so that nothing falls through the cracks.

There’s a written guide that explains how do this by yourself (the live help is not necessary, just helpful):


Work Cycles

I also loved their concept of Work Cycles, which has been very effective to literally melt away my procrastination problem. These Work Cycles are like the Pomodoro technique, but 10x better.

What makes the difference is the prompts you have to answer before and after each work cycle. They help you evaluate and keep in mind:

  • Your 30mn-1h target
  • Potential Distractions
  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm/Excitement

And how these progress over the course of a 4h work session for example, with nice graphs that you can see at the end.

If you want to get started on using them, check out the link below:


Future Action Steps:

  • Learning more from the Ultraworking team. I saved some articles. Might share the best ones if I get around to reading them. Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau are productivity geniuses.

Let me know what you think of the Ultraworking techniques. Also I’d love to know what you do to beat procrastination and sustain peak performance over long periods of time. Let’s expand this blog entry in the comments!

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